About Us

The West Africa Election Observers Network (WAEON) is an independent, non-partisan and non-religious organization that aims at strengthening and supporting Citizens‘ Election Observation Groups (CEOGs) in the sub-region. WAEON comprises independent and non-partisan CEOGs in West Africa that subscribe to the Declaration of Global Principles for Non-partisan Election Observation and Monitoring by Citizen Organizations. Established in 2010,  the network seeks to strengthen the technical capacities and provide moral support to member organizations to conduct non-partisan citizen election observation, champion electoral reform and advocacy to promote credible elections in their respective countries.


The network envisions a West Africa that is democratic, where governments are held accountable through regular and credible elections and citizens effectively participate in the electoral process through professional observation of elections.


To strengthen and support citizens’ election observation groups to participate  effectively in electoral and democratic processes in West Africa through support for: non-partisan citizen election observation and monitoring; electoral reform advocacy; and the exchange of best practices among member organizations.


Public interest

WAEON’s objectives are: 

  • To promote the adoption and implementation of international and regional norms on elections, democracy and good governance;
  • To strengthen the capacity and independence of member organizations to mount election observation/monitoring projects covering the entire electoral cycle based on the highest ethical standards and best practices;
  • To support member organizations to train on election monitoring, civic and voter education and other election-related processes;
  • To support member organizations’ efforts to develop observer training manuals in accordance with accepted standards on observer recruitment, training, deployment and reporting;
  • To support research and advocacy on election laws, electoral reforms and other election-related issues;
  • To facilitate information publication and dissemination of materials related to elections and democratic processes, and the exchange of best practices and technology on election observation and monitoring amongst network members; and
  • To promote solidarity, fraternity, and partnership amongst network members as well as electoral agencies and other stakeholders to support the conduct of democratic elections in the region.